Thursday, December 4, 2008

PSA: Cyclist at Fault

On Saturday, I got into my very first cyclist-at-fault collision with a vehicle. I was on my way from my folks' house to the train station. My partner was leading and was extremely worried that we would miss our train (which we did, due to the accident) and was running stop signs left and right. But then she rolled through a two-way stop, and I followed. Then I collided with a Mercedes. Talk about stupid.

So kids, do not roll through stop signs, especially when you think no one is out. You never know when that 4 way stop is really a 2-way stop. And you don't want to liable for damaging an expensive luxury car like a Mercedes. Two seconds is a small price to pay for the pain and monetary cost that come from a jolting collision.

Public service announcement over...

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