Thursday, May 29, 2008


At some point during the 2007-08 academic year I lost all control. In addition to the dissertation, I decided to participate in a number of other ventures that quickly took over my life leaving very little time to enjoy much of anything else. My own wedding capped out a very busy Winter quarter and, fittingly enough, the California AIDS Life Cycle will close the Spring quarter. These two events, though quite different, have served as important punctiation marks in the most hectic of academic years. (And just think, I was on fellowship this year. Imagine what would have happened if I were a TA!)

As a ritual of life passage, the wedding was psychologically transformative and wonderful in ways I never expected. This AIDS Life Cycle process is something quite different. For the last 6 months I've devoted my weekends and a few week days to training for the craziest and longest ride of my life. As the training rides of have extended to 80, 100 even 200 miles in a weekend, I've watched myself do things I never imagined. I've become really sensitive to certain foods (keep me away from granola and do not stand between me and my soy chocolate milk after a long ride), and I've also discovered that I like to climb hills. A lot. But all of these physical changes are going to be nothing compared to what I will likely experience next week. It's going to be tough and amazing and everything in between. I'm not sure I'm ready for the intensity of it.

I'm nervous and exhausted. I freely admit that I haven't been blogging due to an absolute lack of energy. I'll probably have a lot more to say when I'm done with the ride and looking forward to my next research trip in Brazil (that trip will commense a mere 5 days after the Life Cycle is over). I'll likely having some better insights for this blog at that point, but for now I wish everyone a safe week with peace and tailwinds.


Peace and tailwinds. kg