Friday, July 18, 2008

Everyone's Talking Vélib!

Since Paris's Vélib just celebrated its one-year anniversary, everybody from the NY Times, to our friends over at StreetFilms is celebrating the world's largest bike share system. It's fashionable and is transforming one of the major cultural centers of the world. Check out the video! You will see people in high fashion riding little gray bikes all over the city. It's great!

Just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine living in Rio de Janeiro about the possibility of a bike share program. "I'm afraid they would get stolen," she says. Part of me thinks that real revolution of a system like Vélib isn't that people who need bikes suddenly have them, but rather that people who otherwise would never think of using bikes have them at their disposal in a practical and convenient way. And for a place with such a close relationship with French culture like Rio, I would hope that bike shares would be, in the very least, a possibility... Maybe not.

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