Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AIDS Life Cycle, end of Day 3

Here's a quick update to summarize life on the AIDE Life Cycle 7:

- We are currently in Paso Robles. Yay wine country(though I would never drink the night before a 100 mile ride), and yay for paying too much money to sleep in a real bed!

- I can barely walk, sit, or do much of anything with my legs tonight. I guess 250 miles in 3 days is more than my body can take. I also suppose it doesn't help that I developed a new injury just one week before the ride. But, the Physical Therapists, Chiropracters, and Sports Medicine people (not to mention the bike techs) have made my riding possible. Thank the gods!

- I've never felt so much agony and inspiration at the same time. Weird stuff this athletic masochism.

And boy did I miss a lot of news over the last few days... I'll update again when I can spare the time.

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