Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bike Moves

Watching these two streetfilms about Bike Moves gave me both a rush of inspiration and a mild sadness. A bike move is when someone changes residence and moves all of their belongings only through the use of bicycles. So cool! (Watch the videos to see how it has been done in Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY.) I seriously doubt this would work for my next major move after I finish the PhD. Has anyone in the alt transportation or biking blogospheres ever heard of this? Please, let me know. It could make for a fascinating post-graduation event!

Fantasies aside, I doubt this would work and I'm pretty sure that all of the activists in these two films would laugh at me for such a rapid dismissal of a Bike Move's feasability in my near future. ::sigh:: I await answers!

I must admit that I seriously doubt that a Bike Move would work in the LA area. Oh Los Angeles, you have so far to go! Just to clarify the origins of my pessimism, I recently completed a City of LA Bicycle Advisory Committee survey. The questions were rather frustrating (i.e. the very idea that fear of "helmet head" could compete with the dangers of careless drivers or debris in the streets as major deterrents for bicycle commuting). I doubt the city is actually serious about improving things if they don't include other municipalities in their plans. The argument persists that last year's survey resulted in the new bike lanes along Santa Monica Boulevard, but I don't think these lanes are the answer. Until there are safe routes through Beverly Hills, for example, I have very little hope.

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